Batteries Are Forever And They Are Here For Good!

Batteries have been around for years! And now they are making incredible inroads into many parts of our lives. And for the better! From the tiny little batteries for our electronics, to the batteries that start our vehicles everyday and the batteries inside pacemakers! Ever heard of solar batteries! Check out the unit shown below!  Indeed batteries are forever! And they are becoming truly indispensable! Available and cheapest  at Amazon.

Batteries Are Forever

Qty 4 VMAX V6-225: 6.2kWh 24V AGM Solar Battery Bank for Home, RV, or Industrial (4) 6V 225Ah AGM Deep Cycle Batteries 6 Volt Maintenance Free

Why All The Excitement About Batteries

My excitement over these new developments in batteries knows no bounds! Imagine these Sun-In-A-Box power sources sitting there quietly but doing their job so efficiently! So as the sun rises from the East and its rays hit our equally silent solar panels, millions of little guys called electrons come loose from their quiet perch on their silicon beds, jump and line up marching in one direction! They are ready to do their daily work of supplying electrical energy to our homes and businesses!

Now as your electrical demand in your homes die down after midday, the sun rises even more brightly and letting loose more of these electrons that never seem to tire and just keep coming! Excess electron production! But not to worry! Our great old-faithful storage batteries are on standby to absorb the excess electrical production so this excess electricity may be used at a later time!

No Such Thing As 24/7 Off-grid Without Batteries

There will be no real 24/7 cost-productive operation of a true off-grid electrical system without batteries. Running your backup generators even on natural gas or propane 24/7 will cost you a ton! Harvesting solar power, storing them in batteries is the approach that makes economic sense!  Consider the source of fuel. It is the sun rays that freely come on a daily basis. All we do is harvest the sunlight then store them in batteries. At night the solar panels take a break. The batteries then take over.

Savings Did You Say!

Yep! According to our engineers, technicians and home owners who own solar power systems with battery storage, they are making a ton in savings from these systems! We are finally producing the same electricity that Utility companies used to have the monopoly of producing! Our own electrical production is costing us a lot less than if we let others produce them for us. We now have a lot of control over our energy production and  usage and the money we spend in doing it.

Unparalleled Security!

There has never been a time such as our time when we could install our own electrical power generators on rooftops, backyards plus storage batteries in our garages! Add your standby generators to the whole system and you have created your own mini-grid for total power security! You can say goodbye to your utility company! You now have the option in some places for what are called OFF-GRID solar power systems. Thanks to solar panels, storage batteries and standby generators!

Surprise Surprise! 3KW and Up To 10KW Solar Kits!

ECO LLC 3000W Off Grid Solar Panel Kit 48V Complete Solar System Include 16pcs 195W Solar Panel and 3500W Inverter and 4 String PV Combiner Box and 60A Controller and 4pcs 100AH Battery.

This will not totally support all your household electrical needs. What this size of a system will do is guarantee electrical power to your computers, alarm and security systems, lighting, small refrigerator and freezer when your main power goes out. And check out those amazing storage batteries! They sure look ready to start receiving your daily electron deposits from the sun rays courtesy of your solar panels!


ECO LLC 3000W Off Grid Solar Panel Kit 48V Complete Solar System Include 16pcs 195W Solar Panel and 3500W Inverter and 4 String PV Combiner Box and 60A Controller and 4pcs 100AH Battery

Treepublic 10.0kW Residential Grid-Tied System | LG NeON 2 350W Solar PV Panels + Enphase IQ Microinverter System.

Below is a 10KW solar kit. The kit comes with solar panels and built-in micro-inverter units on the panels. It does not come with storage batteries.

To add battery storage to the system you will have to obtain it either from the installer or other sources. The installers will determine the size of batteries for you. This system will support your central air and heat system. It will definitely offset a large part of your electric bill as this size of solar power system will cover close to 90 percent of a 3-4 bedroom house.

Please click the photo below to read more on this product!

Treepublic 10.0kW Residential Grid-Tied System | LG NeON 2 350W Solar PV Panels + Enphase IQ Microinverter System w/Consumption Monitoring!

Do Not Skip Your Safety Procedure!

Remember, given the right conditions, it takes but one-tenth (0.10 Amperes) to kill you and I! And yes batteries could electrocute or kill people! As solar power system kits become more available to the public, let us not forget our safety. Get a hold of qualified sparkies to do the job!  The hazard is not limited to electrocution alone!  Fire hazards are very real anytime we hook up our systems improperly. Loose connections create sparks. Short circuit connections create fires.  Improper or unwanted ground creates shock hazards and so on and so forth! So please do not ignore safety!

Applications Are Endless

These kits and more have endless applications.  These will work for your RVs, homes, boats, tree houses, shacks in the middle of the field, off-grid places in jungles, isolated islands! One of these days solar panels will be so efficient that its approximately 2.5 by 5 feet one-panel dimensions will have enough juice to power up a small light vehicle! Just dreaming! It is free to do so!

More On Off-Grid And On-Grid Systems

Solar power systems could be classified according to how they are not hooked up or how they are hooked up to the main or utility grid. When you are hooked up to your utility company you are considered an on-grid system. Now if your system is not attached to the main grid and operating independently, you are considered off-grid.

Solar inverters are selected according to whether you are off or on grid.  Again your local certified solar installer should be allowed to assist you with the selection of your system components  if you are not an electrician or a qualified technician.

Return Of Investment (ROI)

There are many words on solar power system ROIs online. Also ask your installer to provide you with the project cost estimate which should include your projected ROI to make sure that your investment will be all worth it. It is the author’s observation that depending on the size of the system and the loan payment terms, the ROI is normally achieved (loan paid off) and investment is recouped after 7-10 years.

Last Word

In most places in North America, funding a home solar power system is normally integrated with your mortgage loan payable in 15 years.  Most installers would prefer to supply you with their own solar components. If however your installer is your buddy he might allow you to purchase your own kits as shown above and hopefully make additional savings. A refinance of your mortgage where your loan to the solar power system is added will then make more sense.

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