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The world of internet commerce is getting really big everyday. Amazon, the largest affiliate online company has created the wealthiest man in the world and it keeps growing. And as we explore this industry of affiliate online companies we are happily surprised to see that there are a lot of players here and there is really a ton of things going on. Never heard of Clickbank nor did I even know what it was. Reading up on it told me that it is yet another affiliate online company that is engaged in selling things both physical and digital products online.

So in this writing we are going to show you several products they sell. Yes I  signed up with affiliate online companies like Amazon and Clickbank.

Where Does Anybody Start?

Getting started is half done! So said one wise guy. Yes getting our butts off the couch is the first big step towards accomplishing something. This is the first hard part. Trying to get rolling, getting some momentum, knowing where we are and knowing where we want to go. Getting educated first is very important. As education equates to the accumulation of knowledge then the application of these accumulated knowledge.

YOU Can Do This Too!

Yes, you too, just about anybody who wants to do this and has the determination to learn and apply learned knowledge can do this as well. But it takes some smart and systematic work habit to make the progress steady and for certain. Going through the lessons here at Wealthy Affiliate helps us to learn how to make our OWN PERSONAL map that will guide us in executing what we have learned and best of all establish our own personal direction and destination in this endeavour. The sharper the map we create through our learning experience and the closer we follow this map the better our chances at success.

Going It Alone Spells Trouble

We can go at this business alone. Sure we can also sail the seas in a canoe and go accross the Pacific or Atlantic! Try winning a world war using a one-cannon row boat! Yep, we would fail, wouldn’t we! This business is NOT perfect. As you jump in, you are in effect in control of creating, planning, masterminding your business trajectory. You in effect will be putting the pieces together. Now the pieces could come from your unique ingenuity and creativity. And a lot of the pieces will be shown to you from the thousands of fellow members in Wealthy Affiliate and of course the lessons if you go through the training.

I Went PREMIUM In Less Than Two Weeks Of Observing

Now, look I am known for haggling, bargaining for discounts, spending hours, days in speculating on a potential of any kind of purchase especially if it involves money and time! Looking for a used car many years ago, I went in and out of a dealership, haggled, argued an entire day it drove the dealership manager nuts and he gave me what I wanted! But here in Wealthy Affiliate you have the FREE test drive so you may check it out, ask questions, compare, do research and when you have exhausted all your inquisitive mind, decide whether it is for you or not. Yep, there is no car dealer style pressure. Everything is laid out.

We Are In The Business Of Selling

Yep selling is it! I do not like knocking on doors, making phone calls just to get turned down! Thank God for online selling! We also do not have to have our own products to sell. We just sell somebody else’s products! And all this is from your own home, your computer and a great internet connection!

So What Are You Waiting For?

Jump in and join millions of affiliates and vendors of this world by getting the education! I repeat do not, do not do this on your own. You will waste time, effort and money. By the time you get your answers by taking ‘short cuts’ you will be old and penniless, has a few teeth left and yes empty of ideas and energy.

As Promised Here Are Some Amazon Products!

Below are some products from Amazon! And these are real products that you and others can purchase right here in this page. Just click away at the images and text links and you will be taken to the actual Amazon site. And why am I sharing this process with you? Simple ! It is to encourage you to join me so YOU and I can make money! As you join Wealthy Affiliate through my LINKS I get paid. And as you learn how to do what I learn, YOU GET PAID!

And This Is Just The Start!

Yes, this is just the beginning. More products are going to be posted not just from Amazon but from Clickbank and more as I make my progress, investigate and learn more about Clickbank etc. The world of internet marketing, selling and entrepreneurship is almost LIMITLESS! This website is the second of a possible 50 that we can build. Did I say 50? Yes I did! But I guarantee that you will not need all 50 websites to make good money. I have seen 10, 12 websites take in 4-5 digit monthly incomes in some Wealthy Affiliate members who dare to share their personal information.

Joe Joson


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