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Wealthy Affiliate-What Is It?

Unless you have done any research on affiliate business and ran into Wealthy Affiliate or have enrolled in it, we will not know what it is. This was true for me before I google searched the word affiliate.  My purpose for the search was to understand more how affiliate would work with my facebook group whose number in membership has grown to over a hundred thousand. I wanted to monetize the group, teach members how to do the same in addition to the hundreds of different activities already being done by members.

Make a long story short, I clicked on one google post that nicely led me into Wealthy Affiliate. So I signed up for the FREE membership to satisfy my curiosity! It did not take long for me to see that the business structure of Wealthy Affiliate was for real, that it was legitimate owing to the many feedbacks and shares of fellow students who were actively engaged and enrolled  in the school.


 What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online school or University.  It specializes in the many facets of generating income through the internet.  The way that the lessons are laid out is designed to progressively guide us how to decide on a niche, how to create a website, streamline that website by adding all the necessary bells and whistles that help make our websites very effective in attracting TRAFFIC, converting that traffic into money in many different ways. It is a STEP BY STEP process where all the details are introduced and implemented by you as a student.  The lessons are always there if you wish to go back. Text and video lessons abound. The 24/7 interaction with fellow students from around the world is not just exciting, it is the source of a lot of personal knowledge and experiences added together and members are very willing and happy to share just about everything. You ask your questions and they get answers!

What Wealthy Affiliate Is NOT

This topic is very important. If we search google to check into online businesses promising lucrative incomes, we will be dismayed to see that there are a ton and a half of posts warning about SCAMS within this industry.

Indeed there are many folks who have been scammed by many dishonest groups who are out there to snag the unsuspecting people looking for online opportunities.

What Wealthy Affiliate is NOT? It is not a SCAM. Having spent two months as a Premium member, I know that people do MAKE MONEY in it and the best thing is they earn HONEST money from a lot of HONEST hard work from things learned from Wealthy Affiliate.

Income Generation From Websites And MORE!

Yep, you heard that right. Your websites are HOSTED by Wealthy Affiliate as part of the Premium account. There are FIFTY websites that you can build as part of the Premium account! Now, don’t worry. You do not have to build all fifty websites! You start with ONE website, build it up, add all the ad links, create more posts or articles to promote your niche business.  As we build up these websites we can start earning commission from all the big affiliate stores out there. When we write blogs as part of our lessons, these blogs are ‘crawled’ and then indexed by Google.

When folks sign up to Wealthy Affiliate through your advertisement in one of your blogs, you get paid! Now, there are many more income generating avenues that you will be taught about as you make your progress in this school.

The Friendly And Helpful Culture Within Wealthy Affiliate

I believe that one of the greatest qualities of this school is the way that all members get to interact with one another concerning many things pertaining to school and the business related to generating income online.  Help truly abound among the members and of course from the staff including the founders Kyle and Carson.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Reach Is Truly Global

As I began to interact with fellow students, I noticed that the members or students come from basically all corners of the world. I see a lot from Europe, Australia, mainland and the whole of Asia, North America as the United States and Canada. Why is this important? This clearly indicates a very wide online participation. It is not limited to a narrow market. And you as an entrepreneur has this access to ALL potential clients around the globe !

Personal Topics Abound In Member Blogs

All work and no play makes for a boring activity. The school does not mind topics posted on just about anything.  You can blog about how much sleep you do everyday. Or about your dogs and how you fell through a hole and almost died!  Then members comment on your blogs! That is where the fun comes in! You get to develop a community like many of the social media but this time it is focused on making money online plus some fun on the side.

The school has a few topics that it does not encourage in blogs or interaction among members. These topics are about politics and religion. I can certainly understand! These topics, while there is a lot of good things to learn from them, they most certainly could end up in unnecessary conflicts and headaches for everyone.

I See Many Fellow Retirees In This Community

Yes, I am so happy to see so many retirees in this community. Why? Who would hire us retirees and keep us on anybody’s payroll? Not many! And we all could use extra incomes to do whatever fun and constructive things with them in retirement.

For some it is not just the extra income that attracted them to this school.  The additional knowledge on how to create and market a website through creative CONTENT writing is one, the challenge of how to learn new things, the fun in telling others about your own experiences, the satisfaction of being able to give someone else a hand, are the many other reasons why members join and stay in.

Learning How To Create Effective Websites Is Not A Joke!

Creating sharp-looking websites with great content is not easy. The amount of detail to remember, the many little things to implement, the rules to follow just to name a few could indeed make a few throw in the towel or get discouraged early on during the course.

It is very time consuming. Yes.  But again if we learn how to look forward to creating our own websites through our own efforts then seeing our nice results , plus getting appreciated by friends and family and eventually strangers, it is indeed very gratifying on a personal level to say the least.

Then its ability  to start generating us extra income in the process comes rolling in, well this was for the most part the main reason for this effort so the overall result indeed is more than what most expected. Wait till you see the very lucrative incomes that some of the members are now sharing!  Definitely something that we all could appreciate and look forward to.

Why Wealthy Affiliate And Not Other Affiliate Groups

Feedbacks from fellow members here who have written blogs, to my own online research which I continue to do even now, the clear result is that Wealthy Affiliate is the best in the industry.  The results are being confirmed by many members who have been here for a while and even folks who have not been here all that long but achieving success!

Paying For Tuition To Get In And Remain In Wealthy Affiliate

One of the main things that may keep us from jumping in and joining thousands of other students in Wealthy Affiliate is the matter  of the tuition cost. The initial cost to becoming a Premium member is $19 for the first month. You heard that right. To become a Premium Wealthy Affiliate offers a very good one month discounted tuition of Nineteen Dollars!  You will have a whole month to evaluate the school and decide if it is for you or not!

Every month from then on is $49. This could be a lot of money for many.  Do not however forget that as we build our websites and make it very effective, money could start coming in slowly. The exciting part of this business is with time, with additional avenues to earn money from as we learn about them through the lessons, our income generation targets are greatly rewarded to the point that it can become an income source of a lifetime.  Many have given up full time jobs to go full time affiliates.

A FREE Trial Run!

Aha, everyone’s favorite! We love things that are good, beneficial, exciting, beautiful, useful and all that good stuff, when they are offered for FREE! And there are NO exceptions! So if you wish to try it out and take a ride for free click below!


So What Are You Waiting For!

Indeed the path has been laid out for you! Join me and over 1.3 million other students who have gone through and are going through Wealthy Affiliate creating and have created revenues that they could only imagine before!

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