Published by Joe Joson on July 16, 2018

Moving Forward And Never Looking Back

Seven weeks since going Premium in Wealthy Affiliate, I just acquired this second domain name and website as part of a re-assessment and redirection in this wildly adventuresome world of affiliate marketing, making money as you stay home while in pajamas all day!  Commute is dead! What commute?  No gasoline expense! No traffic stress!  More time for I, me and myself !


Why A Second Website?

Having this second website is a deliberate, planned-out shift in focus on making money online. Other niches are fine but since we are here to learn how to make money online, we will devote more special time for this niche of AFFILIATE business opportunities.  Taking some clue from the established members of this group also points to having a few more websites truly adds to our promotions and sales.  Why reinvent the wheel when we know that wheels will always be round? If wheels all of sudden are triangles and they move us faster between two points in a straight line then you and I will have to re shift focus again.


Adventures While In Pajamas?

Heck what does it take to drink coffee? Not much. Or snag a doughnut from the counter. Nada. Sit in front of your laptop? Truly easy. And how do we claim adventure in these activities? Now you’re cooking! Okay, as you sit around and occasionally stand up and cruise inside your office and living room eating your doughnut and sipping capuccino or coffee and letting your mind roam and explore way out there, our natural God-given gift of creativity fires up on all 16 cylinders! Creativity is never boring. It is the most exciting and productive human ‘activity’ there is while in your pajamas!



Not Just For Moms Stuck In Homes Either

You say, this is just for those stay-home Moms taking care of young children and toddlers and never for ‘cave-dwelling’, macho, super-assertive males. First, let me assure you that staying home and taking care of toddlers and young children is a job not fit for the faint of heart. It is no joke. Second, generating income while in pajamas, while it sounds easy, is not a picnic either ! My recent seven weeks in this adventure at times made me wish I was back on a Navy ship riding the storms instead!

While creativity is exciting while you cruise around with no direction, it is serious business when you have to go through specific twists and turns to get to a specific spot on a map !  It becomes a pain while you are used to sitting in comfort, a challenge while you are happily assuming the position of being comatose, it wakes the heck up of a lot of us from our deep sleep of comfort and no direction.


Now Just How Does This Adventure Wake Us Up And Keep Us Up?

I do not know about you but unread and unattended emails just bug the heck out of me. I am an email expert in deleting ‘unwanted, pesky emails! I love it when my email Inbox tells me it is empty. I can then  continue wearing my pajamas, put my feet up and think my inbox is empty. Nap time!

Having joined Wealthy Affiliate changed my whole email self-assured programming. I am losing sleep! First, the homework…training…so boring and systematic.  Then all these emails! But wait! Folks are following me! Can’t just shake them off! So to stay enrolled, I have to be nice to everyone and act as if I wanted to read all these emails! Joke, joke, joke.

Then I look at my ranking within Wealthy Affiliate. Holy cow, I have just been ‘upped’ in rank obviously because of all the nice things I said to fellow members and all the homework completed! Then Google indexes my blog! Google knows me! Wow, I am somebody!


FREE Membership To Practice With !

Yes, you do have a FREE membership to play around with till you are satisfied this thing is for you! You go through the lessons and INTERACT with thousands of members as you please.

Then the ‘unthinkable magic’ happens! Some established members post incomes amounting to over $1000, $2000 or close to $3000 PER MONTH ! Wow, I am blown! Some of these come close to my monthly retirement from the federal government after working for 20 years!  And these incomes were attained after being in Wealthy Affiliate for just SIX MONTHS to a year or so! At this juncture of the adventure, I am reminded to mix more black coffee to stay alert and to pay attention, Navy style (Click the link for your FREE membership).

Pssst I have seen some projections of $50k per month in this business and it is from one member who is an ‘authority’ and is established in Wealthy Affiliate heirarchy in my opinion based on present and past performance that I and others see. So stick around and see more! And jokes aside, I know that this person will not make this projection if it was not based upon present accomplishments equivalent to that $50K given more time and action.


Wealthy Affiliate And More Than One Million Members

Around 2012 I founded a Facebook Group called Solar Power Philippines. This was during my Navy-style marketing help that I gave two companies involved in solar energy in Orange County, California.  Why the Philippines? One of the companies I helped market wanted to bring part of their operations to the Philippines. The market for solar in the Philippines was just starting. The price of electricity was and is the highest in the world. The facebook group was an instant hit. Thousands of folks jumped in and participated as technicians, engineers, sellers, resellers, installers, DIY experimenters, folks who were mainly there to lower their electric bills and also make money. Make a long story short, five years later, we have around 121,000 excited, enthusiastic and happy members!

Once they are members, they stay around obviously for the fun, adventure and benefits that they get for free from the facebook group. And you say, what has that got to do with Wealthy Affiliate? I say… over a million members who are staying around in Wealthy Affiliate? It means they like staying around not only for a few good reasons but many!


Why Did I Sign Up, Become A Premium, Buy Two Domains And Actively Pursue Goals In Wealthy Affiliate?

Again I do this for fun. I love to write.  I enjoy bringing new ideas to a group that will benefit that group. I am doing this for the money as well. A little extra income or a big extra income? Both are welcome additions for me and I hope for all who are reading this.  I am saying that you too can be a part of it. Do not worry about the ‘tuition’. It is possible to earn from this effort as early as 6 months or earlier from the time of becoming a member. The very income that one makes will be more than the tuition to get in and remain as a member. It makes perfect financial sense!

I would never sign up, put money into this if I felt it was not for real. Having been in it for almost 2 months, I have seen and heard enough from fellow members, new and experienced, that indeed there is both adventure and money in this venture or activity.


The Step By Step Training Is Extremely Important

Going through the necessary steps leading to building your first website in a niche chosen by you is a very critical step towards building more websites, learning all the bells and whistles as you go. There is no pressure to finish a certain lesson or lessons. But like most members within Wealthy Affiliate, we want to get many things if not everything over with. We want to get to the top like now.  Sometimes we could miss some small but important detail in the process. We  then have to retrace our steps and try to see where and what we missed on lessons. This results in lost time.


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