was created to help us stay abreast of the rapid changes in technology and related tools and toys that we use around our shops, homes and facilities.

With the very rapid-changing world and the unpredictability of things to come, we are faced with challenges that only those of us who truly prepared are going to fare well when the unthinkable comes.

Start with the most basic needs. Water, Electricity and Food. Then supplement these with the tools to keep our household running in case of calamities. Equip yourself for the worst. What backup plan do you have if the water supply gets disrupted. Or when and if the electrical supply stops.

Scan the articles in this website and the products posted. Also please check out my other website for additional tips and products to consider. It is at . As these websites are in constant updates, the products advertised are nevertheless accessible through the sites.

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Preparing For The Unthinkable

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